Dynamics of pet-related market

The pandemic has rocketed the #pet ownership around the world and provide further tailwind to this high growth market. Following are a few points that kept my attention in the 1Q 22 webcast of Pets at Home Group plc.

“…the first thing is we recognize that the pet is a member of the family. And we recognize often the pet is placed apparel alongside children in terms of the priority to the household. The spend on pet, is still relatively small income in the context of the overall family funding spend and is very, very #habitual. So anybody who is a pet owner will recognize you feed your pet, pretty much the same thing day in day out same quantity, often same brand, which is very habitual…

I was here in 2010, when we saw the last major financial crisis, a different side of shape and a makeup, and customers were under pressure. And we saw two things happen. We saw overall spend on pet on go up and interestingly enough, it was our fastest acceleration into advanced nutrition, which I think is also quite interesting in terms of often that can give you better value overall in terms of the quality of the food that you feed and you feed less food.”